Meditation in the company: using the Lincotek experiment as a model.

The first national Quantum Leadership workshop took place recently in Parma celebrating a brand new model of managerial action which combines the disciplines of leadership, neuroscience and the latest quantum physics. The event examined the way in which a new generation of conscious, courageous, intuitive and visionary leaders is being created. And it included a focus on a pioneering meditation project carried out in Lincotek.

The model operates within a new, intrinsically holistic, supportive and sustainable perspective, in which the concept of wealth is also reinterpreted and becomes widespread wellbeing. Leaders become more open-minded and awaken their consciousness to achieve the mindful state known as Creative Intentionality.

The workshop was hold by Eng. Domenico Signorini, Local General Manager of the Lincotek Parma plant and Prof. Gioacchino Pagliaro, Director of Hospital Psychology of the AUSL of Bologna. Prof Pagliaro is a nationally and internationally renowned researcher in the fields of New Sciences and their application to Human Sciences.

The important role of meditation for managers was illustrated during the workshop, enriched and supplemented by three practical sessions during the day. Every aspect of the research carried out in Lincotek was published last year in the prestigious American scientific journal Explore. During the three- month trial, 12 people practiced a meditation in a group each morning for 20 minutes, which was specifically conceived for the workplace context.

The primary objective of the study was to investigate the positive effects of meditation in the workplace, in terms of employee wellbeing and corporate productivity. During the experiment, various company indicators were monitored, which showed significant positive trends, including a record monthly turnover.

“Meditation represents a training in mindfulness that activates a particular state of awareness,” explains Domenico Signorini. “That, in turn, generates a condition of physical and energetic wellbeing in the whole organism. Awareness also represents the gateway to Creative Intentionality, the powerful new tool available to managers and professionals to make things happen and operate within an intrinsically holistic perspective. It also enhances various mental faculties, including creativity, allowing calm and clarity.”

About Lincotek Surface Solutions |Lincotek Surface Solutions, headquartered in Italy, is a fully-integrated, global contract manufacturer for Industrial Gas Turbines and Aviation markets with a unique and wide portfolio of services from Additive Manufacturing to surface treatments and market-ready solutions. The company is a division of Lincotek, a group that has served global markets for more than 45 years and today has more than 1,100 employees located in 16 production facilities across Europe, North America and Asia.

The company is driven by a strong sense of responsibility, which embraces a holistic vision of business and doing business. Producing wealth is intimately connected with the wellbeing of employees, the community and the environment around us. In the new economy, a company does not exist in isolation, but is sensitive to the wider context of which it is part.

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