Post Coating Treatments

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To further establish our position as a full service provider of coatings and post coating services, we included also LASER drilling, welding, vacuum brazing and NDT capabilities for advanced gas turbines to our services delivering to customers engine ready parts.

Vacuum HT and brazing

Lincotek Surface Solutions services for advanced materials with state of the art equipment matched with senior expertise to process a wide variety of superalloys of turbine engine components providing coatings with interdiffusion zones and required coating structure.

As part of the coating manufacturing scope we can procure and supply auxiliaries to be vacuum brazed to your products. Auxiliaries include plates, baffles, inserts, deflectors, covers and restrictors to be assembled to your turbine part.

Laser drilling and ablation

When traditional TIG welding is not competitive, or alternative solutions are required to meet weld conditions such as low heat input, metallurgical aspects, deep penetration in a single pass, repeatability and thick plate welding; LASER welding is the solution.

Welding conditions are met with an increased overall productivity which may lead you to simplified designs resulting in stronger components, which can be produced at competitive conditions.

Laser welding and ablation

Laser technology is a core competence and is offered for drilling through non-conductive TBC coated products with a complex cooling geometry having for example a serpentine cooling scheme matched with a pattern of film cooling holes.

Our process can offer cylindrical or shaped (fan) hole drilling patterns through a fully coated part meeting your design requirements thanks to 3D modelling, probing and optical enhancements of process control.

Airflow measurement is an integrated process to check designated flow rates of your products.

Surface finish and testing

  • Controlled Shot peening
  • Surface roughness reduction
  • Chemical and Dry-Ice stripping
  • FPI
  • Ultrasonic measurements
  • Airflow and waterflow
  • Metallography
  • Eddy current measurements
  • SEM Microscopy, XRD and XP

Lincotek Surface Solutions offers a full range of surface finish methods is at your service to improve performance and overall product quality.

A wide variety of inspection schemes and qualified personnel is available to assess your products releasing them in an engine ready condition.