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Low Pressure Plasma Spray | LPPS technology for MCrAlY
Air Plasma Spray |APS technology for MCrAlY and TBC
High Velocity Oxy Fuel | HVOF technology for MCrAlY and hard-facing
Diffusion coatings | CVD, PACK technology, Above the pack for aluminizing
SPS | Suspension Plasma Spray
Concurrent Engineering

CVD/Pack technology for aluminizing

The aluminide coating can be applied by Lincotek Surface Solutions’ green-pack process or CVD to complex internal cavities as well as external surfaces of IGT/Aero blades and vanes of gas turbines. Lincotek Surface Solutions’ extensive experience in materials and thermal treatments makes our approach effective and competitive.

We ensure enhanced quality standards, effective methods and environmentally-friendly solutions through our engineering experience and continuous R&D.

LPPS technology for MCrAlY

The MCrAlY overlay or bond coating is applied by the Lincotek Surface Solutions engineered LPPS process on IGT/Aero turbine blades and vanes. With our considerable experience in spraying property and commercial powders, we are able to provide you with full support.

LPPS MCrAlYs are differentiated from other deposition methods in their high level of coating density and the absence of oxidation. These characteriscs lead to outstanding functional performances. Lincotek Surface Solutions’ coating service outclasses other methods of protecting turbine section parts.

HVOF technology for MCrAlY and hardfacing

The MCrAlY overlay or bond coating is applied by Lincotek Surface Solutions engineered HVOF process on IGT/Aero turbine blades and vanes. Lincotek Surface Solutions offers a unique HVOF+TBC process with superior characteristics and standards.

Lincotek Surface Solutions’ new concept and method to spray MCrAlYs by HVOF for hosting ZrO2 coatings allows us to stay ahead of the market. We offer high levels of coating quality including process robustness and fast turnaround times of our full range of services.

APS technology for TBC coatings

The Yttria Stabilized Zirconia ceramic thermal barrier coating is applied by our own engineered process on IGT/Aero turbine blades, vanes and combustors.

We can offer a wide range of different TBC characteristics to suit your product. Smoothening of ceramics is an integral part of our coating process.