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/ Innovating in surface treatments
since 1973

Lincotek Surface Solutions (formerly Turbocoating) was originally a division of Flametal S.p.A., a coating facility specializing in surface treatments for several industrial applications, including gas turbines. Flametal was founded in 1973 and sold to Praxair in July 1996. In September 1999 it became a separate independent company, Turbocoating S.p.A., owned by Mr. Nelso Antolotti.

Our company

Lincotek Surface Solutions draws on four decades in the thermal spray industry by continuously advancing research, development, innovation and manufacturing techniques. Today, we operate two facilities, one in north America (North Carolina) and one in Europe (Italy), with the capability to provide coating and post-coating treatments for OEM land- based gas turbine and aircraft engines.

We have developed over the years from a typical coating shop to a centre of excellence for manufacturing gas turbine parts in an engine-ready configuration. In fact, Lincotek Surface Solutions is able to provide all the treatments on turbine parts after casting and machining.

In 1999, Turbocoating (today Lincotek Surface Solutions) invested heavily to offer vacuum plasma spray, air plasma spray and heat treatment services to OEMs. In the following years, further coating technologies were introduced, such as HVOF and diffusion coatings to complete the range.

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R&D core value

Investments in R&D and innovation are the part of the core values that maintain Lincotek Surface Solutions at the cutting edge of technology in the market and make us a true partner to the OEM industry.

We not only manage R&D projects from a technical perspective, but also from a legal and financial point of view. This structure is integral to joint developments with our customers.

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/ People

Our business growth has been continuously supported by investment in innovation, R&D and our people. We bring together a great balance of youth and experience in our highly motivated engineers and technicians.

Market approach

Lincotek Surface Solutions has two main facilities located in Europe (Italy) and USA (North Carolina) and we are closely supporting OEM demands in the power generation industry. Development, innovation and entrepreneurship have been the technological drivers of the business. In an era of globalization, Lincotek Surface Solutions is ready to become your partner globally.

Confidentiality agreements

Lincotek Surface Solutions undertakes to keep confidential the technologies and process know-how we develop for each of our customers. Our philosophy is to sign long-term agreements with our customers in order to enhance and develop our services. In this way, we aim to invest capital to meet customer and market needs in a profitable way.