Working alongside
great future talent

Working alongside
great future talent

Strengthening and ensuring high-level future performance

We are supporting students towards excellence and doing everything possible to allow them a long career within Lincotek Surface Solutions.
Despite the global crisis and the pressure faced by companies over the past year, we are proud to continue our commitment to training young students by giving them the opportunity to gain experience and support them in their professional development. We strive to select the right profile of school or university, with a record of excellence at both local and international level. Our approach for schools and universities is to help them achieve their main objective: training the talent of tomorrow. Young students, meanwhile, are able to get involved and join our teams. Our customers and partners recognize us as a service provider looking to the future and committed to continuous improvement. And from our perspective, we get to cooperate with motivated, involved young people who will become the future of the company.

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Here are some schools and universities with which we are working in France:

/ What students think

Veronica ZanniNegoventis
“I found a company which believes in me and invests in my professional and personal growth. Thanks to Lincotek in Tarbes, I’m now in a work-and-study program focused on Business and Marketing. I’m confident that it’s only the beginning of my successful journey here at Lincotek.”
Léa BonyCesi
“Lincotek in Tarbes gave me the opportunity to improve my skills as a Quality Technician through a work-and-study program in Operational Management. I’m grateful to my tutor and to all those at Lincotek for this important experience.”
Romain RebullidoArts et Métiers
“At Lincotek, I can develop my skills as a technician and be guided towards an engineering position, thanks to the confidence they place in me and the tasks they trust me with.”