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Additive Solutions

You are guaranteed a complete service through our unique serial production expertise in the field of global Additive Manufacturing.

As a contract manufacturer, our complete service offer can help you scale up production. And, in the process, we can become your supply chain partner of choice.

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Surface Treatments

Services available for customers:

  • Low Pressure Plasma Spray:
    LPPS technology for MCrAlY
  • Air Plasma Spray:
    APS technology for MCrAlY and TBC
  • High Velocity Oxy Fuel:
    HVOF technology for MCrAlY and hard-facing
  • Diffusion coatings:
    CVD, PACK technology, Above the pack for aluminizing
  • SPS | Suspension Plasma Spray
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Stripping
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Market-ready Solutions

As a full-service provider of surface treatments and manufacturing, we also offer Vacuum Heat Treatment, surface finishing, laser drilling and machining, welding, vacuum brazing and NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) capabilities. It allows us to deliver customers market-ready parts.

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