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Since 1973

We are a leader in surface treatments and manufacturing

The core business is to develop special processes and manufacture protective coatings for components used in Industrial Gas Turbines(IGT) and Aero engines.

We can offer a wide range of thermal spray processes and related services helping you to choose the surface technology that best meets your needs.
In house post-machining services allowing as to deliver your product tested ready to engine. Our committed people, experience and focus will offer performances and your satisfaction.

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Aviation department of expertise

Aviation department of expertise

You can get more than an equipment: we deliver performances, we guarantee quality and product costs of your plant. Lincotek offers all services that enable our partners to develop technologies that can be easily inserted in their processes.


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Champions 2020

Honored to be one of the ‘Champions 2020’ at the 3rd edition of ‘Champions’ promoted by L’Economia - the economic voice of Corriere della Sera (an Italian daily newspaper) - in partnership with ItalyPost, an important portal of business world.